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Springing Towards Summer

Energy is running high as spring rolls through and summer approaches. Thank goodness for “silliness breaks”, when we get to take a moment separate from everything else for an explosion of silliness before returning to talking about Earth Day or life cycles or patterns or dinosaurs.

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Now that the snow has started here, we’ve been focusing on the things that happen when the weather is colder. After discussing why some animals sleep for the winter and how they prepare, we made our own hibernation habitats. The kids chose animals that they would like to make and show hibernating. Read More »

Self Expression

The Passport 2 Preschool environment that we create at Magical Minds is aimed at child-led learning. We offer themes and concepts and the children interpret and express them in their own ways. Through projects, discovery and sensory learning, we are helping develop life skills such as communication and collaboration. Read More »

Artists, Shapes, and Colors

For the past few weeks Ms Patty has been teaching basic concepts, such as colors, letters and shapes, using the work of famous artists.  Read More »

Our Five Senses

This week our preschoolers explored their 5 senses describing the things that they saw, touched, smelled, heard and tasted. Read More »

Summer Camp

Summer camp at Magical Minds means everyone creating together. Read More »

P2P Class of 2016!

We’ve had an exciting year in Passport 2 Preschool! Our students have learned about colors, animals, movement and so many ways to combine education, creativity and play.

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This week at our Preschool workshop, the MMS students have been exploring bugs and all there is to know about them.  Read More »

Updates, Plants and Clay!

This year has been a busy year for our Preschoolers. From studying line, shape and color, to discovering the facts about habitats, our students have explored and fostered their creativity.

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Green, Mean Monster!

We don’t often have fun with getting mean, but we couldn’t help ourselves with the big green monster.   Read More »

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