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The kids in Pre-K Camp constructed houses this week, layering different materials for their building projects. Read More »

Painting and Drawing

Making art is sometime more than creativity. Cutting with scissors, holding a paintbrush and sticking materials together are great ways to practice fine motor skills. Read More »

Making Shapes

Between creating planets, aliens and spacecraft, the common thread for our projects in Pre-K camp was the shapes we were making. Read More »

Mixing Media

Pre-K campers mixed their media this week, as we put science in our art, and art in our science! Read More »

Senses and Art

Making art from around the world, the pre-k campers used their senses of touch, sight and sound! Read More »

Mythical Creatures and Story Telling

With a group of kids who love to draw, Pre-K Summer Camp got off to a flying start with mythical creatures and story telling! Read More »

Finish as we Started

Passport 2 Preschool has finished for the year, and now we’re looking forward to camps, vacations and this hot weather!  Read More »

The Big Show

The big day arrived this week, when Passport 2 Preschool got to put on an art show for their families! Read More »

3D Art

Passport 2 Preschool has changed from their flat paintings to focusing on three dimensional art! Read More »


Recently, projects in Passport 2 Preschool have been layered with steps, as Ms Haj has been working with the kids on thinking about what they want to make, planning how it will look, and then making it! Read More »

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