Passport 2 Preschool

Get Ready for School! Ages 3 – 6 yrs


The purpose of Passport 2 Preschool is to meet the total needs of your child emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually with love and understanding. Centering on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our educators work as facilitators and partners in the learning process. Children learn in various ways, whether it be visual, auditory or physical. Visual and sensory learning can enhance the path to learning and make it a fascinating and enriched journey. Let’s face it, children are masterminds when it comes to imagination and our Studio is the best place to foster that magical mind! Parents provide a small snack and a change of clothes for each child.
Our teacher: Ms. Haj


  • To provide children with a sense of confidence and help with separation anxiety
  • To work on and enhance social skills with story-telling and language arts
  • To work on and enhance fine motor skills with various use of art materials and measuring tools
  • To work on and enhance kinesthetic skills with yoga and dance
  • To introduce art materials and processes as an introduction to subject matter
  • To prepare the student for kindergarten and later aspects of learning
  • To build the foundation of learning by hands-on exploration


Our program runs approximately along the District 97 school calendar. The 2018-19 session runs from August 27 to May 31.  Students can join at anytime of the year.  You may select the amount of days you would like your child to attend. Deposits to hold your child’s place are non-refundable. **Students MUST be toilet trained**

Program Times: 

Cost: ($29 a day)

  • 5 day program: $580 Monthly (based on a 4 week month)
  • 4 day program: $464 Monthly (based on a 4 week month)
  • 3 day program: $348 Monthly (based on a 4 week month)
  • 2 day program: $232 Monthly (based on a 4 week month)
  • 1 day program: $116 Monthly (based on a 4 week month)


Class is Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 11:30 am, with extended days offered until 1:00 pm each day. You can use your punch card as needed.

  • Monday, August 27: First day of Passport 2 Preschool
  • September 3: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • October 8: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • November 6: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • November 21-23: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • December 24-January 4: No Passport 2 Preschool (camp offered via separate enrollment)
  • January 21: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • February 15: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • February 18: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • March 25-29: No Passport 2 Preschool (camp offered via separate enrollment)
  • April 2: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • April 19: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • May 27: No Passport 2 Preschool
  • May 31: Last day of Passport 2 Preschool





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