• Passport 2 Preschool

    Our Passport 2 Preschool program is the perfect way to foster your child's innate creativity! Our educators work as facilitators and partners in the learning process, using visual and sensory learning to enrich your child's educational journey.
  • An Art Studio For Creative Minds

    Magical Minds Studio offers children 18 months and older a chance to experience hands-on creative learning through process-driven art. We strive to provide our community with fun and beneficial programs.
  • After School Workshop

    Let your child unwind after school at Magical Minds Studio! Students work on various projects throughout the week on subjects including arts, sciences, history, etc., and are also given homework time.
  • Our kids attend their after school workshops and I couldn’t be happier. They love going to Magical Minds and diving into all the brilliant projects planned for them! — Christine H.

Students need to decompress after school and our studio is just the place to unwind and free their minds. Your child won’t want to miss this fun, creative, and unique experience!

This program meets the total needs of your child emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually with love and understanding. Foster your child’s magical mind with Passport 2 Preschool!

We are happy to offer children and families the opportunity to explore their creative sides and spend time together with Open Studios, Family Craft, and lots more! We also offer Camps!

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