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Painting Without Brushes

When you think painting, usually you assume brushes were involved. But this week we used some alternatives to brushes making paintings after school!

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Using droppers and brushes, we painted with ink after school!

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is on our minds, and it’s been inspiring our art!

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The Basics

We refreshed our basic knowledge and skills this week, thinking about colors and working with simple tools.

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Being the creative crowd we are, the After School Workshop created unconventional musical instruments this week!

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All The Scary Creatures!

In the days before Halloween (and maybe a few after), we were inundated with witches, vampires and werewolves! Read More »

Almost a Wrap

We’re almost done filming! Read More »

Film Strips and Stained Glass

At Magical Minds we have beautiful big windows that let in loads of sun. This week we made them even cooler! Read More »

Moving Images

While film is one type of moving image, we checked out the low tech version in the After School Workshop, making flip books and thaumatropes! Read More »

Halloween Prep and the Film

Its been film-film-film in the Studio for a few weeks, and it will continue to be film-film-film for the next few weeks, but this week has also been film-film-Halloween-film. Read More »

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