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Found Objects, Found Art

What do collage, alphabets and sculpture have to do with each other? They can all be made using found objects. Read More »

Crafts and DIY

This week we’ve been working on craft projects. Highlights include cards, bookbinding, beading, rock art and printing. Read More »

Up In The Air

This week we’ve been talking about aerodynamics after school. This included kites, paper airplanes and parachutes. Read More »

Public Art, Street Art and Site Specific Art

Public art, street art and site specific art are cool because they are part of our surroundings and have the world and its structures as its frame. It can be graffiti, an installation in a public space, a work meaningful to its environment and many other things. Read More »

Bathroom Doors

All over the Studio are the marks that show that this is a space for kids. From the easel wall to the art and toys all around, kids define this space. And now we can add our bathroom doors to the marks the kids have made on the Studio.  Read More »


We’ve hit the ground running for the 2017-18 school year. Throughout the summer and into the fall, the kids are helping the teachers figure out the new spaces in the Studio. Read More »

Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Ply

We’re settled in and feeling at home in our permanent Studio at 110 Madison! To labor the point in the title, our Tinker Lab is stocked, the sewing machines have their bobbins in place, and the jewelry pliers are ready. We even have a brand new soldering iron so that the pun would be complete.  Read More »

Spring in the Studio

We’re long past due for a blog update. Magical Minds is at our temporary address, preparing to head to our permanent address at 110 Madison Street.

Read More »

Balance is the Word of the Week

The thing about balance is that it takes so many forms. Sometimes it’s ordered and logical, sometimes it’s chaotic and constantly adjusting. This week the kids have been experimenting with different forms of balance, whether it’s balancing sculptural pieces, comparing opposites or finding balance as problem solving. Read More »

Elections Plus Math Equals Art

As a theatre major in college, my classmates and I were not required to take many general education requirements outside of the theatre department. For the non-theatre classes that we did take, many of us managed to bring a dramatic flare to them. Read More »

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