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Paper Crafts

We asked the students this week, what can we make using paper? The answer? So many things! Read More »

Dadaism Revisited

We’ve been revisiting one of our favorite art movements from the 20th century- Dadaism! Read More »


We started with the skeleton or the bread, added a bit of meat, and came out with a story. Metaphors abounded this week as we worked on our storytelling.
Read More »


We’ve been mixing and matching and not matching and throwing the unexpected together this week, because we’ve been talking about surrealism. Read More »

Expressionism and Our Grand Re-Opening

Expressionism is subjective representation. It can convey emotion, it can be abstract and it isn’t restricted to particular media. Read More »

Proportion and Portraiture

Your eyes go in the middle of your face, your face is five eyes across, your nose is halfway between your eyes and chin, and your mouth is halfway between your nose and chin. Oh, and your ears go up to the ends of your tear ducts and down to the bottom of your nose. Yes, this week we drew proportions. Read More »

Found Objects, Found Art

What do collage, alphabets and sculpture have to do with each other? They can all be made using found objects. Read More »

Crafts and DIY

This week we’ve been working on craft projects. Highlights include cards, bookbinding, beading, rock art and printing. Read More »

Up In The Air

This week we’ve been talking about aerodynamics after school. This included kites, paper airplanes and parachutes. Read More »

Public Art, Street Art and Site Specific Art

Public art, street art and site specific art are cool because they are part of our surroundings and have the world and its structures as its frame. It can be graffiti, an installation in a public space, a work meaningful to its environment and many other things. Read More »

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