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Community Building

Camp activities were focused on our communities that we live in. We talked about the contributions that we make and that other people make to our lives. Read More »

Houses in Literature

We love stories without pictures because we can use our imaginations to create the visuals, and this week we did just that!

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Master Artists

Campers tried out so many art movements this week, including impressionism, art nouveau, surrealism, dadaism and pop art! Read More »

Puppets and Performance

We’ve been creating puppets, puppet theaters, scenery, props, scripts and drama all week! Read More »

Space Explorers

We got to explore space in Summer Camp! We made aliens, space craft and new planets that have never before been explored! Read More »

Super Science!

Imagination and science came together at camp, as we made catapults, hovercraft, interstellar terrain and more!
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Art Around the World

In camp this week, the kids made art in styles that originated in far-away places, as well as ones that came from closer to home! Read More »

Appetizers, Desserts and Drawing

We cooked up a storm making appetizers and desserts at camp this week! Read More »

Harry Potter is Back!

We solemnly swore that we were up to no good this week, because we brought Hogwarts to Oak Park! Read More »

School is out!

School’s done! And we’ve made so much art this year! Read More »

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