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We felt our fifth sense with our fingers this week, because we were learning about our sense of touch! Read More »


With drums, anvils and stirrups, this week we’ve been listening to sounds and learning about our senses of hearing. Read More »


As we make our way through our senses, this week Passport 2 Preschool explored the world around them through their noses. Read More »


Working our way through our senses, this week we learned about taste! Sweet, sour, bitter and salty were the flavors that we found all around us. Read More »

Collaboration and Abstract Art

To our young eyes, abstract art probably looked like a mess or a scribble on a page. Of course, there’s usually more to it, and that’s what we’ve been working on in Passport 2 Preschool this week. Read More »


The people we’re close to were the focus of the week.

Read More »


Imagination is a muscle that we exercise, like our other muscles. So having celebrated Halloween this week, or imaginations went to work! Read More »

Fall Creatures

Halloween is coming up, so there’s no better time to talk about creatures, monsters and imagination! Read More »


Based on the recent heatwave, the jury is still out on whether summer is over. Even so, we’re pretty confident the season is changing and fall is beginning. Read More »


What has no corners? This was what we asked our Passport 2 Preschool class this week. Read More »

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