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Life Cycles

Small animals helped us learn about life cycles and how living things change as they grow. Like how plants start as seeds and turn into trees or flowers or grass, animals also start out looking different from how they look when they mature. Read More »


One of the questions that cropped up from learning about the food we eat was, where does the food come from? So this week Passport 2 Preschool learned about plants and how they grow! Read More »

Playing With Our Food

The food was combined with art and fun this week in Passport 2 Preschool!

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Cave Art

One of the ways kids interpret what they see in the world around them is through drawing, so this week we went back to the start of drawing! Read More »

Local Architecture

Travel the world, and you will find people who have heard of Oak Park. Part of the reason for that is Frank Lloyd Wright, known internationally for his architecture for the Guggenheim, Falling Water and the Johnson Wax Headquarters. Wright built houses around Oak Park and the surrounding area in the Prairie Style, and this week they were our inspiration! Read More »

The Mitten

It’s Valentines Day this week, so we’ve been spreading the love. In the book The Mitten (adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett), more and more animals come looking for space inside the nice, warm mitten, and they keep moving over, making room for one more.
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It’s not Superman! It’s not a plane! It’s a bird! Read More »

Under the Sea

Inspired by the new installation for Andy Narwhal, this week was all about life under the sea! Read More »

World Travellers

We’ve been to Australia and Africa this week in Passport 2 Preschool, not to mention visiting our own local arctic here in Oak Park. Read More »

Arctic Temperatures

To work our way back into the routine of Passport 2 Preschool, our class has been up to a few things this week! Read More »

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