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Fall Changes

It’s fall in Passport 2 Preschool! We looked around at the colors we see in fall and the changes happening in nature!

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The Joy of Science Continues

Children are natural explorers and the world is just waiting for them to come searching!

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It’s in Our Nature

In Passport 2 Preschool we took a close look at the life around us, and we saw so many cool things!

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Artists use tools and so did our students – this week Passport 2 Preschool explored materials they will use to produce masterpieces.

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Getting to Know P2P

It’s a new year of Passport 2 Preschool, and class is full of familiar and new faces! Read More »

How It’s Made

What do leaves and stories have in common? They both came up in conversation this week as Pre-K Campers talked about how things are made! Read More »


The kids in Pre-K Camp constructed houses this week, layering different materials for their building projects. Read More »

Painting and Drawing

Making art is sometime more than creativity. Cutting with scissors, holding a paintbrush and sticking materials together are great ways to practice fine motor skills. Read More »

Making Shapes

Between creating planets, aliens and spacecraft, the common thread for our projects in Pre-K camp was the shapes we were making. Read More »

Mixing Media

Pre-K campers mixed their media this week, as we put science in our art, and art in our science! Read More »

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