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The Joy of Science Continues

Children are natural explorers and the world is just waiting for them to come searching!

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Updates, Plants and Clay!

This year has been a busy year for our Preschoolers. From studying line, shape and color, to discovering the facts about habitats, our students have explored and fostered their creativity.

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Green, Mean Monster!

We don’t often have fun with getting mean, but we couldn’t help ourselves with the big green monster.   Read More »

October Means Halloween!

It’s one of the best times to be had at the Studio.  When else can you dress up all day at school?   Read More »

Feeling Blue? Us Too.

After a week of mixing colors and learning about the rainbow we found that the color blue has many meanings.   Read More »

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Who doesn’t love to see a rainbow?  Not us, we embraced all those colors in many forms!   Read More »

Hungry? Let’s make a pizza!

We just can’t get enough of shapes!  We went from circles to triangles and we decided to make something we all love, PIZZA!

pizza pizzatriangle

Welcome Back!

We are indeed ready to be back in the Studio.  Many of our students have been eager to return to class and pick up right where we left off.

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What a wonderful final week! Read More »

Stars and Stripes, Stamps and Stickers

Last Monday was Memorial day, which called for a great deal of red and blue paint! Read More »

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