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This week at our Preschool workshop, the MMS students have been exploring bugs and all there is to know about them.  Read More »

Things that make you go round!

We continued our travels in shape, focusing this time on round shapes.  Who better to talk about than Clifford Tjapaltjarri, a once magnificent Aboriginal artist from down under. Read More »

We are the people in your neighborhood…

After a week of getting to know Paul Klee and the many shapes around us we thought it might be interesting to learn about objects that make up those shapes.  Construction trucks, signs, fire trucks and boats came to mind. Read More »

And We’re Off!

Off to shape the world!  We are learning all about shapes and along the way were introduced to a an artist named, Paul Klee.  As the story goes, the man knew a lot about squares and rectangles, so much that he made art work from their form!   Read More »

Welcome Back!

We are indeed ready to be back in the Studio.  Many of our students have been eager to return to class and pick up right where we left off.

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Happy Easter!

Nevermind if outside is grey and wintry still, as inside the studio is filled with bunnies and chicks and all the wonders of spring!

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Blast off!

Last week saw us shooting to the stars and cavorting in outer space with rocket ships and celestial bodies! Read More »

On the Road!

Last week at Magical Minds we strapped ourselves into the driving seat and went for a spin as we explored cars, trucks, streets and signs: all the lights were green for us! Read More »

Food, Glorious Food!

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood —
Cold jelly and custard! 

Food was on the menu last week, as we got to grips with what we eat. What do you like for dinner? Or lunch? Protein, grains, fruit and vegetables… we celebrated all food types with mobiles, soft sculpture, drawings and prints!
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Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

We started last week by talking about Martin Luther King and, inspired, we talked about our own dreams. Read More »

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