Edelweiss Cardenas

Edelweiss Cardenas“As a fine artist, I am motivated by the idea of empathy. By portraying first person reactions to real-world struggles such as poverty, disease, violence, and immigration, I create pieces that explore different ideas of identity, borders, and kinship to inspire wonder and social action. My themes and approach lend themselves to collaboration, and I am looking forward to working with other artists on dynamic, socially aware, creative projects.”

Art website: www.edelweisscardenas.com

Robin Dluzen

Robin DluzenRobin Dluzen is a Chicago-based artist, art critic and curator, regularly exhibiting her artwork around the country. In 2017, Dluzen will be mounting a solo exhibition at the Evanston Art Center, and will be included in group exhibitions at Heaven Gallery and Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Chicago. Dluzen writes regularly for Art Ltd Magazine and Visual Art Source, and is the Exhibitions Manager at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago. Dluzen received an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Art Website: robindluzen.com

Writing Website: robindluzenwriting.tumblr.com

Brooke Glaser

Brooke Glaser Brooke Glaser is an illustrator and children’s designer. She creates home decor items, greeting cards and clothes. She works with hand-rendered and digital techniques. Brooke has taught art in elementary schools, museums and art schools across the country and around the world, including Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Thailand and of course, Chicago.

Art Website: www.BrookeGlaser.com

Instagram: instagram.com/PaperPlaygrounds

Hsuan Hsiu Hung

Hsuan Hsiu Hung“I love movement and to explore movement with the body and mind. My works include movement, visual art and contemplative practice in the process. And I have collaborated with different artists to created choreography, performance and video together. I enjoy working with people: children, adult, or anyone who would like to invite creative process into their life. My wish is to share many creative tools that I have found during my artistic journey with them, to provide these tools for expression and for discovering oneself.”

Art website: www.dancinginart.com

Recent works: vimeo.com/209170457

Brianne Miskie

Brianne Miskie “I have worked as a street artist, watercolorist, printmaker and mosaicist. I am currently teaching at a CPS school on the east side of Chicago called Jane Addams. I work with students outside of the school day to create murals to fill the school with color and thoughtful messages of support.”

Art Website: kleptosalem.tumblr.com/

Online Store: etsy.com/shop/Klepto

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