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Magical Explorations

Numbers in nature, story book tales, animals, mythical creatures and more!

Students are more able to express themselves and manipulate their materials as motor skills and problem solving skills are developing. In Magical Explorations, students are introduced to a greater variety of materials and given more freedom in which to explore those materials. We may use books, music, or props as a starting point for student inspiration. Exploring nature, animals, culture and much more!


  • Fridays, September 8 – October 13, 11am-12:15pm


  • $82 for 6 weeks

Life Drawing- ages 12+

Over 5 weeks, discover how to draw by exploring gesture, anatomy, line, and tone using a variety of drawing tools.

Each week of this 5 week class will focus on a different aspect of drawing. The class will meet once per week, but students will be asked to keep a sketchbook with them during the week to practice the skills they’re learning.


  • Tuesdays, September 12-October 10, 4-5:30 pm


  • $115

Materials needed:

  • Sketchbook for practice outside of class.

GA Life Drawing

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