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Super Science!

Imagination and science came together at camp, as we made catapults, hovercraft, interstellar terrain and more!
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Art Around the World

In camp this week, the kids made art in styles that originated in far-away places, as well as ones that came from closer to home! Read More »

Appetizers, Desserts and Drawing

We cooked up a storm making appetizers and desserts at camp this week! Read More »

Harry Potter is Back!

We solemnly swore that we were up to no good this week, because we brought Hogwarts to Oak Park! Read More »

School is out!

School’s done! And we’ve made so much art this year! Read More »

Master Artist Mushrooms

Magical Minds receives many donated materials with which the kids make so much artwork. Using some of these amazing donations, namely giant paper-mache mushrooms, the kids in the After School Workshop paid homage to some of the artists that they looked at this year! Read More »

Textile Art

Working with textiles, it turns out you can make almost anything! Read More »

Representation and Abstraction

How often to you look at objects you see every day and see them differently? Do you reinterpret familiar objects? This week the kids in our After School Workshop did just that. Read More »

Video Art

In the After School Workshop we made short videos, and they’re awesome! Read More »


Our After School Workshop students have been working on art for the display at the Magical Makers Fair on April 22! The Fair is a fundraiser for Summer Camp Scholarships, and what better way to get people excited about art-based camp, than with a display of the students’ artwork! Read More »

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