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Puppets and Props

We’re holding our cards close when it comes to what the movie the kids are making is about, but we can tell you two words: Space. Prom.

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Costume and Set Design

As our movie progresses, we’ve been working on the different design elements. This week is was costumes and sets! Read More »

Taking a Shot

The film work continues, and this week the kids in the After School Workshop worked on framing their shots. Read More »

Film within a Film

Our After School Workshop hit the ground running, getting right into their first big project- documentary filmmaking! Read More »

Inventors’ Camp

Robots and machines started the week off, and then we moved on to kites and vehicles! The kids invented all sorts of creations!
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Community Building

Camp activities were focused on our communities that we live in. We talked about the contributions that we make and that other people make to our lives. Read More »

Houses in Literature

We love stories without pictures because we can use our imaginations to create the visuals, and this week we did just that!

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Master Artists

Campers tried out so many art movements this week, including impressionism, art nouveau, surrealism, dadaism and pop art! Read More »

Puppets and Performance

We’ve been creating puppets, puppet theaters, scenery, props, scripts and drama all week! Read More »

Space Explorers

We got to explore space in Summer Camp! We made aliens, space craft and new planets that have never before been explored! Read More »

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