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Artful Bird Houses

The After Schoolers really grabbed onto the birdhouse project that the Passport2Preschoolers had worked on Read More »

Spontaneous Face Painting

Last week in the After School Workshop, Brianne busted out some secret face painting skills. Read More »

Life Drawing at the Park

We’ve been taking advantage of the unseasonably nice weather by taking the After School kids to the park down the road.

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Inside the After School Workshop

The After School Workshop kids come from a few different schools, but everyone becomes friends very quickly. Read More »

After School Pattern Project Inspired by Artist Lisa Congdon

This past week, Lead After School Workshop teacher Brianne introduced the kids to the work of San Fransisco-based artist and illustrator, Lisa Congdon.

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Meet After School Workshop Teacher Brianne Miskie!

You may be seeing this friendly face at our studio during the After School workshop: Brianne Miskie. Brianne has been our After School Workshop Head Teacher since January 2012. Here’s a little bit about her:

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What We’re Up To in the After School Workshop!

For those of you who may not know, Magical Minds Studio has slightly changed our programming to include an emphasis on our After School Workshop. Instead of only stopping in for an hour-long class here and there, parents and kids have been very excited to be a part of on-going programs like this one. In our After School Workshop, a Magical Minds Studio staff member picks up kids directly from school and brings them to the studio.

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