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Ten Second Sculptures

Last week saw us inspired by the work of Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm. Read More »

Pouring Plaster

As all artists know, there comes a time when instead of making new work, you first need to make new tools. Read More »

Paper Planet

Last week saw us celebrating Earth Day by sculpting its portrait! Read More »

Shhhh…. its a Secret

I’d love to tell you all about what we did last week at the studio but I really can’t.  Read More »

Regal Portraiture

You can pack a lot into a painting, we reflected last week while looking at the iconography in the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck.  Read More »

Spring in the Studio

School was out for the AfterSchoolers, but Spring was in at the Studio last week and we were thrilled to have some familiar faces join us for our Spring Camp…. Read More »

Hunting for Spring

Last week was dedicated to springtime fun which we all took very seriously. Read More »

Magical Terracotta Army

Last week we turned our thoughts to a very different time and a very different place:  210–209 BCE and the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, to be precise.  Read More »

Ready, Steady… Draw!

After being on stage, it was great to get back to basics in the studio last week, and get down to some good, old fashioned DRAWING.  Read More »

Quiet in the Studio, and…. ACTION!

After a creatively frantic couple of weeks of painting backdrops, writing scripts, making props and rehearsing, the Afterschoolers were finally ready to don their costumes, step in front of the camera and perform! Read More »

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