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After school we’ve been working on crafts, including a little bit of everything in this week’s projects. Read More »

What a Classical Storm!

We were so fortunate to host violinist Ms. Masha (Maria Storm), also a piano and violin teacher in Oak Park.   Read More »

Warm Weather and Unique Creations

Last week we were graced with wonderful weather and took advantage with trips to local parks! Read More »

Hello Summer!

The Afterschoolers ended this school year on a high note… Read More »

Trixie, Tracy or Tina Triceratops?

Miss Watermelon, Pinky or Mimi junior? Our Triceratops needs a name and we need your help! Read More »

Gentle Giants

Sometimes a project can be a little ambitious…. Read More »

Pottery, Parks and Partying!

We applied ourselves in earnest and in equal measure last week to mastering our ceramics skills, enjoying the sunshine at the park and busting some moves on the dancefloor – what a week!

Read More »

Ten Second Sculptures

Last week saw us inspired by the work of Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm. Read More »

Pouring Plaster

As all artists know, there comes a time when instead of making new work, you first need to make new tools. Read More »

Paper Planet

Last week saw us celebrating Earth Day by sculpting its portrait! Read More »

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