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What We’ve Been Up To!

It’s been quite the year at the studio! We have been lucky enough to explore an array of concepts with our students each week and have fun while doing so! Read More »

Decompression. What we do here.

Along with making art we serve a purpose for many students and their families.  Let’s face it, we are a working society, both partners working full time.   Read More »

Laughter, exploration and art…

If you were to walk in during our after school program you may feel like you’ve entered another world.  One full of invention, wonder, happiness and lots and lots of laughter. Read More »

Welcome Back!

It’s been a wonderful summer but we were so ready to return to the Studio.  It’s not only a place to unleash our creative energy but to unwind, regroup with friends and return to routine.   Read More »

Hunting for Spring

Last week was dedicated to springtime fun which we all took very seriously. Read More »

Planting Trees…

Exciting times at the studio! Last week we began an exciting new project which will culminate next week with a series of performances. Read More »

Illuminating Minds

Last week, a strange hush descended on the studio… all that could be heard was the scratching of metal nibs on paper and the occasional splash of ink. Read More »

Under the Sea at the Studio

We began last week talking about all things under the sea, but things quickly became focused on all things narwhal-ian. Read More »

Louise Nevelson and the Wall of Fame

Last week we were inspired by American artist Louise Nevelson and her monochromatic assemblages.  Read More »

Let the Games begin!

Every Monday, we write the theme of the week on the blackboard. So when the Afterschoolers arrived, saw the the theme was “Games” and practically cheered, we knew we were onto a good thing.  Read More »

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